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Advanced Lock & Key offers fast, affordable, and always-ready Locksmith services throughout the Cleveland, Northeast Ohio areas and beyond. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your home or car, or need new keys for the office. We are committed to affordable emergency locksmith services no matter what time of day you call.



Whether you’ve locked yourself out of the car or need new car keys altogether, we provide automotive locksmith services to get you back on the road and back to what matters in no time.



Changing locks, master rekeys, lockouts, key duplications and even safe opening / combination changes are just a few of the residential services we offer to bring you peace of mind. Check our buyers guide for more information.



We are here to help through business lockouts, high security locks, punch code locks, panic bar installations, door replacements, surveillance cameras and more.

Our Locksmith Services

Home & Office Lockout Service

Home Lockout Service Cleveland, OH

Home Lockout Service Cleveland, OH

If you’re locked out of your car, or your home, call the trustworthy 24/7 team at Advanced Lock & Key for quick, reliable service. We’ll arrive on the scene quickly to come get you back inside no matter what time it is.

Lock Rekey and Replacement

If you need your locks rekeyed allowing you to keep your current hardware but making the old key inoperable or if you need your locks replaced with new and improved hardware, look no further. We can do it all same day service fast and affordable. We deal with all residential locks, including high security, non duplicate, storage and more.

Automotive Locksmith Services

We offer on site automotive locksmith services for all makes and models. Our services include an onsite mobile service for car keys replacement, emergency car lockout, key programming, door locks installed and more. We do it call!

Master Key Systems & Rekeying

Master keys can be made to open all locks, or a selection of locks, allowing different access levels. We can install a master key system for your home or business, or rekey your existing locks to allow for a compatible master key system with what you already have.

In addition, we can install high-security locks on these master key system.

High Security Locks Installation

High Security Locks Installation

Door Replacement & Installation

We provide replacement doors and installation services for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in everything from exterior and interior home doors, to apartment doors, revolving doors, motion-sensor doors, and steel doors.

Interested in different home locks? Check our buyers guide here.

Mailbox Lock Replacement

We can create new replacement keys for your mailbox, or duplicate existing keys in addition to changing or upgrading the lock entirely.


Commercial Keyless Lock

Commercial Keyless Lock

We install, repair, change and upgrade all types of keyless locks. Including a high-security option for the cylinder and locks. Call us today for more information.

Key Duplication & Replacement

We replace lost car, home or commercial keys or duplicate existing keys to ensure you have an extra set available. We specialize in even the most advanced keys, including programmable laser cut keys, and high security keys.

Push Button Digital Locks

Push Buttons Lock Installed

Push Buttons Lock Installed

Push button code locks are a convenient way to secure your property while eliminating the need for keys. We offer supply, installation, reprogramming and opening of digital locks and push button code locks whether they are electronic or mechanical.

Mul-T-Lock Locks & Access Control

Mul-T-lock locks and access control - Service Cleveland, OH

Mul-T-lock locks and access control – Service Cleveland, OH

Advanced Lock & Key specialize in installation and supply of award-winning Mul-T-Lock locking and access control products including digital residential locks, commercial access control, industrial locks, padlocks and more.

High Security Locks

Our high security and non-duplicate keys are made to be far more complex and difficult to duplicate than a standard lock and key system. High-Security locks are stronger, more durable and much more difficult to pick, pry, drill or smash than standard locks.

Push Bar / Panic Bar Installation

Push Bar Installed

Push Bar Installed

Push bars/panic bars provide a locking system while providing quick and safe exits in case of an emergency. We not only install push bars, but assure that your property complies with safety and fire regulations all the while keeping your building locked up and secure.

Every business in Cleveland, Ohio is required to comply with the strict fire safety code implemented by the city’s Department of Fire. One of the major rules requires that all exit doors in commercial establishments be installed with a working emergency exit device. It is very important to meet these standards outlined in the code for everybody’s safety and well-being.

So, what is an emergency exit device?

An emergency exit device or panic hardware is a door installment specifically designed to provide a safe, fast, and easy exit channel for people in case of emergency situations. Doors built with an emergency exit device are locked from the outside but can easily be opened from the inside. This will make it easy for people to escape the building in case of a fire, earthquake, and other circumstances that could incite panic.

The Fire Safety Code in most cities, including Cleveland, OH states that emergency exit devices must not require “tight grasping, tight pinching or twisting of the wrist to operate”. The device should extend across at least fifty percent of the door’s width and must be easy to push. Clearly, door knobs are a big no-no. Now the question is, what are the appropriate emergency exit devices for business establishments that meet Cleveland, Ohio’s fire safety guidelines?

Styles – Touchpad, Crossbar, Recessed

Before anything else, you must determine which style of emergency exit hardware you need. There are a couple of factors to consider before making your final decision – door design and aesthetic preference. Here are the three basic types of emergency exit device available in the hardware market.


Touchpads are the most popular panic hardware style used by businesses in Cleveland. It is built to fit different trims, controls, and electrified options. A great touchpad security hardware is made by a company called Detex.

Detex Push Bars

Detex specializes in the manufacture of life safety and security door hardware. The brand carries one of the most reliable push bars approved for fire exit door assembly. It offers a series of heavy-duty exit devices like the Wide Stile Rim Exit Device which are available in stainless steel finish and vapor deposition coatings. Narrow and concealed types are part of the selection, too.


Crossbars are narrower than touchpads which make it a perfect choice for buildings with minimalist interior. It mostly serves the aesthetic requirements of an establishment, but it is not the most practical solution. If you’re looking into installing electrified options, go for the touchpad type instead.

Taco Rim Type Crossbar Exit Device

The Transatlantic Company is known for its brand of quality panic exit devices. This particular Taco crossbar is built for doors that are one to three quarter-inch thick. There are models made for doors of a different width measure. There are cross bars designed for hollow doors, too. The Taco Crossbar is easy to install and are available with exterior access accessories.


The recessed type is a low-profile emergency exit device. It requires a cut-out slot for installation which means that it will only be compatible on hollow metal doors. This way, it won’t protrude so much from the surface.

Von Duprin 94 Series Recessed Push Pads

Von Duprin’s recessed push pads are designed for high-traffic applications. This makes it perfect for business establishments that accommodate large volumes of clients on a daily basis. It features a quiet electronic latch retraction and self-lubricating coating on latch bolts.

Types of Panic Hardware

Not all exit device is appropriate for use. If you’re a business owner, you will have to know what type of exit door your establishment has before choosing the right panic hardware to install. There are three types of panic device – Rim, Mortise, and Vertical Rods or Cables.

Rim Panic Device (Detex, Von Duprin)

Rim panics are the most popular emergency exit device. It is built for easy configuration and is very low-maintenance. This type of panic hardware is usually installed on the surface of the door with the latch projecting from the device itself. It can be used on both single doors as well as pair doors.

Mortise Panic Device

Mortise panics are a less popular choice for an exit device. They are designed with more complexity compared to the rim type which can make it difficult for installation. This panic device has a mortise lock installed in the door and is controlled by surface-mounted panic hardware. Mortise exit devices can be set up on single doors as well as on double doors.

Vertical Rods or Cables

Vertical panics are also referred to as LBR or “less bottom rods”. This type of panic device gives you two options – you may choose to install it on the surface or inside of the door. Vertical rods can be quite tricky to set up especially if you’re choosing to do a concealed application. Using cables instead of rods will make it easier.

Other Emergency Exit Devices


A mullion is a fixed or removable vertical or horizontal bar that separates a double door and its glass components. Some brands offer fire-rated mullions that offer maximum strength and reliability to withstand extreme pressure. The Ohio fire code discourages the use of fixed center mullions on emergency exits as it can be an obstruction during evacuations.

Exit Door Alarm and Lock

Exit door alarms are installed to serve two main purposes – first is to alert people of emergency situations which require evacuation and second is to notify management in case of unauthorized exits. It usually comes with a key to arm and disarms the alarm. Most models are battery-operated.

Electrified Closer Holders

Basic closer holders are made to prolong the life of the door by controlling the degree and the rate it opens and closes. Electrified closer holders, on the other hand, are designed to work with fire detection systems. These advanced emergency exit device help stop the spread of fire by closing fire and smoke rated doors.

Finally, there are other emergency exit accessories available to support the main devices mentioned above. Before making your purchase, make sure that these accessories are compatible with the door and hardware you have already installed. You can refer to Ohio Fire Code if you have more questions about emergency exit devices and fire safety standards for Cleveland business establishments or simply call advanced lock and key in Cleveland, OH and we would love to help!

Inside Look - Panic Bar We Installed In Cleveland, OH

Inside Look – Panic Bar We Installed In Cleveland, OH

Surveillance Cameras

We sell and install new surveillance camera systems for your home or business with competitive pricing and quick installation.

Clients & Testimonials

  • 24/7 Advanced Lock & Key came out to my business and set us up for a new master key system for 180 doors. Had the job done in one day amazingly?  They are prompt efficient and extremely fast. Thank you. We are excited about our new key system. Highly recommended!

    Talia Sawyer ★★★★★ Google Review
  • The valet company lost my car keys and my house keys. Jimmy came out and made me a new key on the spot and got me started. Made my awful night a lot better. He than followed me home, let me in and rekeyed all my locks and installed 2 dead bolts. Amazing service and professional.

    Ortal Panker ★★★★★ Google Review
  • Best experience I could describe. It's hectic buying a new house and getting everything started. 24/7 Advanced Lock and Key came out the same day and worked with my availability. Got the best door's with excellent security. I definitely will be using their service in the future.

    Jusleen Samra ★★★★★ Google Review

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