Did you know that there were over 19,000 cases of burglary and theft reported in Cleveland, Ohio in 2018 alone?  Yes, you’ve read that right. The good news is that, while we are not always present to personally protect our homes from intruders, we can always rely on high-quality locks for security.

Here at Advanced Lock & Key, we are in the business of helping people keep their houses, families, and properties safe. That is why we put together this comprehensive guide to help people in Cleveland, OH pick the right lock for their homes.

How To Choose The Right Residential Lock - Cleveland, OH

How To Choose The Right Residential Lock – Cleveland, OH

2019 Buyers Guide: Choosing the Perfect Lock for Your Home

It is very important to have some knowledge of the different types of locks available in the market. A few minutes of research on this topic can LITERALLY save you from a home invasion. We have here four different types of locks: the conventional deadbolts, key-in-knob locks, pad locks, and smart locks.

We can help you install those; in case you choose to. In addition, we encourage you to look at some other option of residential locks and high security locks.

Conventional deadbolts

Single Cylinder Deadbolt Installed

Single Cylinder Deadbolt Installed

Deadbolts are a popular choice for front door locks. In addition, it provides a higher level of security in comparison to locks that only utilize spring latches. Some deadbolts are supported by spring-bolt locks for an extra layer of defense.

There are two types of deadbolt mechanism. The first type is equipped with a single cylinder mechanism. A single cylinder can only accept the key on one side of the door while the other side is operated by a knob. The second type is built with a double cylinder which allows key access on both sides of the door.

Moreover, a double cylinder would always do a better job than a single cylinder deadbolt. It is a heavy-duty lock made for exterior doors especially those that are positioned near a glass panel or window. Without the interior knob, even the most determined intruder would not be able to unlock the door from the outside (unless he has the key!). However, double cylinder deadbolts have created major problems for the fire department during the fire response. Some fire responders would find it too difficult to break through doors with double cylinder locks. For this reason, double cylinders are banned by some municipalities in the U.S.

If you opt for a single cylinder deadbolt, we suggest the Schlage JD60.

For those looking for deadbolts with double cylinder function, Kwikset 665-S is a good option.

If you want something to fit your house aesthetic, you can always choose from a wide range of finishes like smooth stainless steel, matte black, gold, aged bronze, satin nickel, brass, and polished chrome.


Key-in-knob locks

Doorknob & Deadbolt Combination - Safest Way To Go. This Job was Done on a Residential Home in Cleveland, OH

Doorknob & Deadbolt Combination – Safest Way To Go. This Job was Done on a Residential Home in Cleveland, OH

It is pretty self-explanatory what a key-in-knob lock looks like. It is one of those conventional locks that utilize a simple form of spring lock mechanism where the cylinder is built in the knob and not in the door. Key-in-knob locks can serve useful as interior locks, but we discourage our customers to get these for their exterior doors.

Moreover, as you may already know, knob locks can easily be picked using a hairpin or an old credit card. A person with a decent amount of strength can easily knock a knob off with a hammer. But, if you insist on getting on a knob lock for your front and back door, we suggest that you install it with a secondary lock for adequate security.

Kwikset carries a top-rated knob and deadbolt set.



There two types of padlocks – combination padlocks and key-based padlocks. Combination padlocks are often used for lockers while key-based padlocks are usually paired with shackles to secure toolsheds and cages. Padlocks come in different sizes and are used in a variety of applications.

This type of security hardware is almost never used on main entryways for both security and aesthetic reasons. Padlocks can easily be picked and unchained by a bolt cutter. But if you’re looking for the cheapest lock for short-term use, padlocks can be a passable solution.

The most popular brands for padlocks are Abus, Master Lock, Best, Yale, and Wilson Bohannan.

Smart locks

Smart Lock We Installed on Residential Door in Cleveland, OH

Smart Lock We Installed on Residential Door in Cleveland, OH

Smart locks are the security solution industry’s newest innovation. Most of them come with an electronic pad and can be operated through your personal electronic device. The most advanced smart locks can respond to voice prompts.

In addition, with smart locks, you won’t need to worry about forgetting to lock the door – no, not anymore! You can conveniently check your home security status through an app on your mobile device. If you find that you indeed forgot to lock the door, you can just turn it on right then and there on your phone.

Additional Exmaple Of Smart Lock - Keypad Installed. Can Also be Combined With High Security Lock

Additional Exmaple Of Smart Lock – Keypad Installed. Can Also be Combined With High Security Lock

Furthermore, smart locks can also generate a temporary password that will allow service people to enter the house without you having to leave work to unlock your door. Of course, you need to be careful with who you trust these temporary passwords to.

Smart locks can offer a lot of cool perks. But here’s the catch – they will cost you a few hundred bucks more than conventional locks. Then again, it’s always worth it to shell out in the name of home security!

Finally, here is an example of smart lock: Lockly Smart Lock Model PGD 728F packs all the aforementioned functionality and a lot more!


Some extra tips!

  1. Add a swing bar lock or chain door lock on a swing-in door to aid the main lock.
  2. Keep your most valuable items in a vault. There are a lot of determined burglars out there and you can never be “too safe”.
  3. It is very important to have a strong, solid door or it would not even matter how strong or durable your lock is.

We hope we were able to provide you some helpful input! Keep us in mind for any of your future security hardware needs. Be safe out there!

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24 Hr Locksmith in Cleveland, OH

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