As a 15 year locksmith, the most common call we get is usually a house or car lockout.  People usually call when they rush to work or to do a task and act too quickly and shut the car door with the keys inside. For the most part car lockouts are an easy task to open, but depending on the vehicle some might require different methods to open the vehicle safely And with no damage.  The most common tool used to open cars is an air bag or air wedge. It’s used to slide in the car door between the door and frame and just like a blood pressure cuff, we use a pump to fill the bag with air and create a gap of about 1 inch.

At that point we can use a long reach stick angled In a way we can hit the power lock button, or push or pull the button depending on the manufacturer.  Some vehicles like ford, Chrysler, or GM u can pull the handle and the door will pop open or the vertical button will rise up to unlock. Cars with vertical buttons like Mercedes or Pontiac G6 for example it’s easy to use a retracting claw device to latch on the the button and pull it up.  Some vehicles that have thick doors like the Jeep Wrangler for example or Semi trucks might require a door key to be made or to pick the door lock using lock picking tools.  The last thing we want to do is to over expand the wedge and bend the door and not have it shut nice and tight.  Always make sure that the locksmith you call to unlock your car isn’t damaging your vehicle or using too much force to get into your car. It should be a quick and easy process.

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