Every business needs a piece of mind when it comes to the security and key control. This Willowick Business needed a new cylinder to prevent tampering or picking and also wanted a key that the employees couldn’t copy. We provided them with mul-t-lock high security cylinders that are pick proof and also keys that can’t be copied anywhere. 
Keyless locks are very popular these days. Homes and businesses need the convenience of key less locks to limit key distribution and be able to change codes easily when needed. This business in Middleburg Heights Ohio needed to have easy access to an internal door and the old setup had a push bar and a dead bolt which made it hard to access the door and needed a key each time. We installed the best electronic key pad lock by Trilogy which has multiple user capabilities and awesome features such as timer options to open and close automatically and other functions to serve your needs. Another happy customer. Advanced lock and key. 


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