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Laser cut keys or Side winder keys as some people like to call them are taking over the automotive industry.  Car manufacturers are choosing to go with this key way over the standard mechanical cut keys for its precision and accuracy.
Though both metal and key-like in nature, laser cut keys can be told apart from mechanically cut keys by look. Instead of having notches cut from their sides, laser cut keys have a winding central groove cut at a constant depth up the center. This unique groove is what earned them their nickname of sidewinder keys. These keys have slits tooled into both sides of the blade allowing them to be inserted into the door or ignition cylinder lock facing either direction and still work no matter which way you insert it. Laser cut keys are also known to be a little heavier than regular keys, due to the fact that the metal has to be a certain depth to facilitate the groove cut from the center.  We cut these keys using the latest machines and have them regularly updated for newer keys and key codes depending on the vehicle. Each manufacturer uses its own code series that has unique depths and spaces for its keys.

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