Chagrin falls, OHIO has some of the nicest homes in the greater Cleveland area. With unique hardware and custom hardware Mul-T-Lock can fit into any door with matching colours available also.
Mul-T-Lock is a high security lock that is pick proof bump proof and depending on the level of security also drill resistant. In recent years break ins have gone up due to locksmith tools available on the internet for anyone to buy. Amazon, eBay and other sites sell pick sets, pick guns bump keys and other gadgets to break into locks easily. Mul-T-Lock is designed to use multiple pins in a cylinder, up to 15 pins. A regular lock uses 4-6 pins.
On top of that the keys that you get when installing a mul-t-lock dead bolt or knob are non duplicate and come with a security card which contains the cuts for your unique key.  This was implemented to prevent copies being made by anyone other than the issuing locksmith.  These can be installed in business commercial and residential homes.

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